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Pestle and Mortar

ORIGIN: Vietnam
Pestle and Mortar are made of 100% natural wood. The design is eye-catching and suitable for all needs of customers (kitchen, restaurant, etc)

XUẤT XỨ: Việt Nam
Bộ chày cối được làm từ 100% gỗ tự nhiên. Thiết kế đẹp mắt, phù hợp với mọi nhu cầu của khách hàng (bếp, nhà hàng, v.v.)

MATERIAL: Faux Acajen (or as requested)

SIZE: 9.5 x 8.5 x 1 cm WEIGHT: 0.2 kg or CUSTOMIZE

LOGO: Customize


LOẠI GỖ: Gỗ Faux Acajen (Hoặc khách hàng yêu cầu)

KÍCH THƯỚC: 9.5 x 8.5 x 1 cm NẶNG: 0.2 kg hoặc THEO YÊU CẦU

LOGO: Theo yêu cầu

KIỂU DÁNG: Thẳng – MOQ: 1000 – MẪU THỬ: Khách hàng yêu cầu

The mortar set is made of high-quality wood material, durable and beautiful, compact size, lightweight. Use to crush onions, garlic, spices, or crush foods, vegetables when preparing food. The jar has a solid base, avoiding spills during use. The surface of the jar and pestle is smooth, shiny, easy to clean, limiting bacteria penetration.


Bộ chày cối được làm từ chất liệu gỗ cao cấp, bền đẹp. Kích thước nhỏ gọn, trọng lượng nhẹ. Sử dụng để giã hành, tỏi, các loại gia vị hoặc giã nhỏ các loại thực phẩm, rau củ khi chuẩn bị đồ ăn. Cối có phần đế vững chãi, tránh bị đổ trong lúc sử dụng. Bề mặt cối và chày nhẵn, bóng, dễ cọ rửa, hạn chế vi khuẩn xâm nhập.



PAYMENT REQUEST: 50% payment in advance, 50% payment before shipment

ĐIỀU KIỆN THANH TOÁN: Thanh toán trước 50%, thanh toán trước khi giao hàng 50%

WHY CHOOSE OUR PRODUCTS? Material is more durable due to the new technical treatment in the wood products, the good qualities and properties of the products stay longer, and just with simple maintenance, is possible to recover the initial properties. Reusable, recycle, and recoverable material.

WHERE DOES THIS WOODEN GROWNatural wood used to produce household appliances has many types such as ebony, rosewood, needlework, etc. Most of these materials are of high quality, safe quality, durable, and have high prices.

BUY TODAY AND BE THE CHANGE! Nowadays, wooden household utensils are gradually becoming more common in every meal such as chopsticks, spoon, patch, grit, etc. In the 21st Century, we face an onslaught of bad news from around the world when it comes to the environment. Despite knowing more about the sources of our environmental woes than ever before, it often feels like we just can’t get ahead of the curve. That’s one reason we are so excited about solid hardwood furniture. Wood is good, as they say, because it is an incredibly green solution for residence furniture. However, disposable wooden products should be avoided, because they are not only reusable but also because they are quite toxic and the material is not safe for health. It is known that Biphenyl bleach and Hydrogen peroxide contained in this wood are at risk of destroying the user’s lungs, stomach, and pancreas.


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